2020 Scholarship Recipients

The Community Foundation awarded $56,050 in scholarships to 25 graduating seniors.

Lakeland High School scholarship recipients

  • Ryker Bond – Lambright Leadership Scholarship;
  • Nathanial Govinda-Grossman – Chase Scott Memorial Scholarship and Schlemmer Scholarship;
  • Alexia Lopez – Brian Evans Memorial Scholarship;
  • Dakota Miller – Wolcott Mills Bulldogs Scholarship;
  • Kylee Palmer – Mattea Hope Holton Memorial Scholarship;
  • Destiny Ratajczak – Ray and Ruth Culp Memorial Scholarship;
  • Jayce Riegling – Olive B. Cole Foundation Scholarship;
  • Samantha Scigouski – Olive B. Cole Foundation Scholarship, Craig D. & Ronda S. Neff Memorial Scholarship, Bruce Brown Memorial Scholarship, Melvin & Marjorie Bricker Memorial Scholarship, LIFE Scholarship and Waddell Scholarship; 
  • Elizabeth Stroop – Paul and Marian Krebs Memorial Scholarship, Olivia Bay Lemings Memorial Scholarship, and Mary E. McGawn Future Teacher Scholarship;
  • Ana Wahll – Olive B. Cole Foundation Scholarship, Holly Petersen Memorial Science Scholarship, Judy Gage-Keenan Memorial Scholarship and Lambright Leadership; and
  • Braden Yoder – Terry Schmidt Memorial Scholarship


Prairie Heights High School scholarship recipients

  • Amy German – Peggy Messer Memorial Scholarship, The Prairie Heights Scholarship;
  • Kyler Hall – Prairie Heights Scholarship;
  • Elizabeth Howald – Perkins Family Scholarship and Prairie Heights Scholarship;
  • Mallori McGraw – Ellsworth Fanning Memorial Scholarship;
  • Kate Papai – Amanda Lou Crotts Memorial Scholarship and LIFE Scholarship;
  • Mike Perkins – Olive B. Cole Foundation Scholarship, Craig D. & Ronda S. Neff Memorial Scholarship, Ned Stump Memorial Scholarship, Kevin Lewis Purdue Agri Scholarship, Electric Utility Industry Scholarship, Ellsworth Fanning Memorial Scholarship, LaGrange County Farm Bureau Scholarship, Prairie Heights Scholarship, Prairie Heights Student Council Scholarship; and
  • Gabriel Reed – Prairie Heights Band Scholarship and Russell Hepler Telecommunications Scholarship


Westview High School scholarship recipients

  • Melayna Borg – James F. Kalb Memorial Scholarship;
  • John (Blake) Egli – Allread-Rife Family Scholarship;
  • Skyler Hawk – Farmwald Scholarship, Lambright Leadership Scholarship and Kerry Wilt-Spradlin Memorial Scholarship;
  • Allie Kruckeberg – Allread-Rife Family Scholarship, LIFE Scholarship and the Melvin & Marjorie Bricker Memorial Scholarship;
  • John McCoy – Keith and Arline Davis Memorial Scholarship, Holly Petersen Memorial Science Scholarship, Lyle Smith Scholarship and Rheinheimer Scholarship;
  • Michael Stutzman – Joseph Willard Memorial Scholarship; and
  • Chelsea Weaver – Rheinheimer Scholarship, Lambright Leadership Scholarship

“We always look forward to awarding scholarships to high school seniors. These scholarships recognize the accomplishments the students have achieved in the last four years,” said Executive Director Octavia Yoder. “This year’s graduating seniors have been met with some unique circumstances and challenges. We can only imagine the disappointment of their school year ending during this national emergency. We know they will rise to the challenge as they take their next steps in education. We are grateful to the individuals, families, and businesses who created these scholarship funds and have worked alongside LaGrange County Community Foundation. We look forward to welcoming new donors and funding more students as the program continues to grow.” 

If you would like to know more about Scholarships please contact Laurie Sherck, Scholarship Manager at lsherck@lccf.net or 260-463-4363.

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