The Next 30 Years

Investing in tomorrow

"A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit." - Proverb

The time is now.

Time to be intentional and compassionate. 

Time to invest in your community for the next generation.

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, the Community Foundation will match gifts one-for-one up to $30,000. You may donate up to $3,000 to our endowment funds, which support many different causes and passions. 

It is simple, choose from the endowment fund list that supports a passion you are interested in. If you are not sure give us a call we love to chat about what our funds support, 260-463-4363.

Your donation is matched $1 with $1 and tax-deductible.* 

Create change for the better - invest in the next 30 years!

*We ask that donations do not exceed $3,000 from one donor in order to support many causes.


Endowment Funds of the LaGrange County Community Foundation

Unrestricted Scholarship Funds
Caring Community Grantmaking Fund Amanda Lou Crotts Memorial Scholarship 
Dale Sturtz Memorial Fund Beverly J. Todd Memorial Scholarship
Education Fund Bruce Brown Memorial Scholarship
Founders Community Fund Bulldog Boosters Scholarship 
Knights of Pythias LaGrange Lodge No. 144 Fund Chase E. Scott Memorial Football Scholarship
Lambright Charitable Fund Craig D. Neff & Ronda S. Neff Memorial Scholarship 
McKenzie Family Fund Community Scholarship 
R. E. Lee Family Fund D & H Rheinheimer Scholarship
Stanley "Chip" Krugh Memorial Fund Eldon Hostetler Family Scholarship
Sharp Family Fund Ellsworth Fanning Memorial Scholarship
Willard Family Community Fund Farmwald Scholarship 
  Florence E. & Virgil L. Hardin Memorial Scholarship 
Funds George O. Witwer News-Sun Journalism Scholarship 
ACRES Nature Preservation and Education Fund Holly Petersen Memorial Science Scholarship 
Brethren Retreat Ministries, Inc. Fund Hope Nursing Scholarship 
Lifelong Learning Fund J.O. Mory Company Scholarship 
CenturyLink Economic Community Development Fund James F. Kalb Memorial Scholarship 
Community Dental Clinic Fund Joseph J. Willard Memorial Scholarship 
DeWayne and Mertice Bontrager Memorial Endowment Fund Judy Gage Keenan Scholarship
E. Marie Dwight Community Fund Keith & Arline Davis Scholarship
Elijah Haven Fund Kerry Wilt-Spradlin Memorial Scholarship
George O. Witwer Advised Fund Kevin Lewis Purdue Agriculture Memorial Scholarship 
Healthcare Foundation, Inc. Fund LaGrange County Farm Bureau Coop Scholarship
Huggins Family Fund Lakeland Scholarship 
Jack L. Stark Acres Property Fund Lambright Leadership Scholarship
Junior Achievement of LaGrange County Fund LIFE Scholarship 
Keith and Doreen Lambright Family Fund Lyle Smith Scholarship 
KennyBurkett Health Fund Mattea Hope Holton Memorial Scholarship
Kerm Troyer Charitable Fund Matthew Terry Memorial Scholarship 
LaGrange Communities Youth Centers Agency Fund Melvin & Marjorie Bricker Memorial Scholarship
LaGrange County 4-H Association Fund Morgan Hunter Memorial Scholarship
LaGrange County Amish School Fund Mory Family Scholarship 
LaGrange County Animal Welfare Fund Ned Stump Scholarship 
LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce Fund Olivia Bay Lemings Scholarship
LaGrange County Council on Aging Program Fund Paul & Marian Krebs Scholarship 
LaGrange County Endowment Fund Prairie Heights Scholarship 
LaGrange County Public Library Fund Prairie Heights Student Council Leadership Scholarship
LaGrange County Senior Citizens Fund Ray & Ruth Culp Memorial Scholarship 
LaGrange County Youth Fund Russell Hepler Telecommunication Scholarship
Lakeland School Corporation Fund Schlemmer Scholarship 
Leadership Development Fund Stan Anderson Memorial Golf Scholarship 
Lima United Methodist Church Fund Terry Schmidt Memorial Basketball Scholarship 
Menno-Hof Fund Waddell Scholarship 
Northeastern Center Agency Fund Westview Scholarship 
Northeastern Center Community Mental Health Fund  
Petersen Advised Endowment Fund  
Quality Child Care Endowment Fund  
Questa Education Fund  
Rainbow Years Learning Center Fund  
Scott Cemetery Fund  
Scott United Methodist Fund  
Stroh Community Fund  
Topeka Area Historical Society Fund  
Topeka Civic Endowment Fund  
Youth for Christ of Northern Indiana Fund  
Zehr Family Advised Fund