Scholarship program provides $145,250 in support to graduating high school seniors

Through the 2024 Community Scholarship Program at the LaGrange County Community Foundation program, a total of $145,250 in scholarships will be provided to area students. Jennifer McBride, Community Foundation Scholarship Manager, presented the awards in May to students at school ceremonies for Lakeland, Prairie Heights and Westview schools.

The Community Foundation manages more than 50 individual scholarship funds created by individuals, families and businesses to benefit a specific school or field of study. The scholarship funds support a variety of career paths such as education, agriculture, health, science, nursing, and more.   

“Each year we look forward to awarding our Community Scholarships to high school seniors. These scholarships recognize the accomplishments the students have achieved in the last four years,” said Executive Director Octavia Yoder.

“We are grateful to the individuals, families and businesses who created these scholarship funds and have worked alongside the Community Foundation. We aspire to welcome new donors and fund more students as the program continues to grow.  We are extremely appreciative of the community volunteers who take time to help read and evaluate scholarships.  The process is quite an undertaking and is truly a community partnership of donors, volunteers, schools, and Community Foundation staff.  It’s rewarding to help support the educational goals of students in our community,” Yoder added.

Lakeland Jr. Sr. High School scholarship recipients:

  • Allread-Rife Family Scholarship – Abigaile McNamara.
  • Brian Evans Memorial Scholarship – Johanna Guzman.
  • Bruce Brown Memorial Scholarship – Xai Leu.
  • Bulldog Spirit Scholarship – Aiden Tuttle.
  • Chase Scott Memorial Football Scholarship – Jayden Marshall.
  • George O. Witwer Memorial Scholarship – Xai Leu.
  • HOPE Nursing Scholarship – Abigale McNamara.
  • HOPE Nursing Scholarship – Cassidi Parham.
  • J.O. Mory Company Scholarship – Adriana Sturgill.
  • Jean Seagly Crouse Memorial Scholarship – Clara Rasler.
  • Joseph Willard Memorial Scholarship – Adriana Sturgill.
  • Judy-Gage Keenan Scholarship – Cassidi Parham.
  • Lakeland Scholarship – Taylor Jerdon.
  • Lambright Leadership Award – Taylor Jerdon.
  • Lambright Leadership Award – Xai Leu.
  • Mary McGawn Teaching Scholarship – Clara Rasler.
  • Mattea Holton Memorial Scholarship – Cassidi Parham.
  • Melvin and Marjorie Bricker Memorial Scholarship – Taylor Jerdon.
  • Olivia Bay Lemings Memorial Scholarship – Takya Wallace.
  • Paul and Marian Krebs Scholarship – Kylie Fry.
  • Ray and Ruth Culp Memorial Scholarship – Taylor Jerdon.
  • Terry Schmidt Memorial Basketball Scholarship – Nathan Keil.
  • Virgil and Florence Hardin Memorial Scholarship – Abigale McNamara.
  • Waddell Scholarship – Xai Leu.

Prairie Heights High School scholarship recipients:

  • Allread-Rife Family Scholarship – Emma Crites.
  • Allread-Rife Family Scholarship – Kaylyn Allshouse.
  • Beverly Todd Memorial Scholarship – Emma Crites.
  • Craig D. and Ronda S. Neff Memorial Scholarship – Ashley Young.
  • Ellsworth Fanning Memorial Scholarship – Ethan Wolheter.
  • Kevin Lewis Purdue Agriculture Memorial Scholarship – Ethan Wolheter.
  • LaGrange County Farm Bureau Coop Scholarship – Ethan Wolheter.
  • Ned Stump Memorial Scholarship – Ethan Wolheter.
  • Perkins Family Scholarship – Ethan Wolheter.
  • Prairie Heights Band Scholarship – Alyssa Jones.
  • Prairie Heights Scholarship – Emma Crites.
  • Prairie Heights Scholarship – Breonna Glasgo.
  • Prairie Heights Scholarship – Ethan Wolheter.
  • Prairie Heights Scholarship – Olivia Zook.

Westview Jr. Sr. High School scholarship recipients:

  • Farmwald Scholarship – Jace Lang.
  • Holly Petersen Memorial Scholarship – Jace Lang.
  • Ignite Your Future Scholarship – Benton Hershberger.
  • James F. Kalb Memorial Scholarship – Jace Lang.
  • Keith and Arline Davis Memorial Scholarship – Jace Lang.
  • Kerry Wilt-Spradlin Memorial Scholarship – Wade Springer.
  • Lambright Leadership Scholarship – Christien Noward.
  • Lambright Leadership Scholarship – Jace Lang.
  • LIFE Scholarship – Jacob Peruski.
  • Lyle Smith Scholarship – Jacob Peruski.
  • Melvin and Marjorie Bricker Memorial Scholarship – Wade Springer.
  • Morgan Hunter Memorial Scholarship – Kaitlin Nuzum.
  • Mory Family Scholarship – Jacob Peruski.
  • Rheinheimer Scholarship – Hope Bortner.
  • Rheinheimer Scholarship – Jace Lang.
  • Schlemmer Scholarship – Jennifer Osorio–Luna.

Congratulations and best of luck to the class of 2024, from the LaGrange County Community Foundation!